An orange edged skipper, representing the hundreds of bug and butterfly species that grace this city with their presence.

Tamara Blazquez Haik Photography – Fauna de la Ciudad de México

Fauna de la Ciudad de México is an educational and conservation project that was started by conservation photographer Tamara Blazquez Haik. It aims to document the wildlife species still surviving in Mexico City, one of the largest and most polluted cities in the world, in order to educate citizens on their non-human neighbors, how to protect them and their habitats, and how to help these species thrive. This project is especially aimed at children, however all citizens should learn about the importance of conserving and protecting these non-human citizens.

Fauna de la Ciudad de México aims to break the apathy that plagues human kind towards nature, which is the biggest enemy to biodiversity loss. If people are not educated and do not know about these species and their troubles they cannot be expected to help or get involved. I hope this project can educate and inspire them to act before it is too late and all life in this city is lost. Including human kind. The grant will allow me to document even more species, as some of them live in hard to reach places of the city and require special equipment to document them.

I will also create a special photo book, with all the species gathered, information about them, how to help and get involved and hopefully distribute this book through schools. I will also be able to create exhibitions in public spaces that will showcase that Mexico City is alive and teeming with wildlife in urgent need to be protected and also, create ludic materials for talks and activities with children and schools.