Daniel Lanfranco

Susana León, Hernán Felipe, Daniel Lanfr – FoCo Migrante

Susana León, Hernán Felipe, and Daniel Lanfr are the founders of FoCo Migrante, which comes from Fondo Comunitario de Bicicletas Migrante. The project centers on recycling and restoring bikes so that they can be distributed to migrants in Santiago, Chile. During the recycling process, people can educate themselves about bikes, urban mobility, and intercultural and gender issues through community workshops. These are done on a weekly basis in order to educate and create community. Education is one of their most important activities. The organizers of the project teach people how to ride bikes, as well as how to fix the bikes. They accomplish this with an intercultural, gendered lens. They want to promote equity and autonomy through every class.

They were inspired to create this project after new migrants faced a large wave of hostility in Chile. They believe every one has a right to navigate this world for whatever reasons they have, and we should be receiving of them. Leaving one’s home can be a difficult process, even if it is temporary. With the Pollination Project grant, the founders of FoCo Migrante will create community workshops, teach about intercultural differences (as well as gender diversity), and help everyone’s economic situation with a cheap and sustainable mode of transportation.