susan silber

Susan Silber, NorCal Community Resilience Network

As a seasoned environmental educator and community organizer (and TPP grantee!), Susan Silber co-founded the Berkeley Transition Initiative, an international grassroots movement that supports more resilient communities through people-powered, nature-inspired, low-cost, projects.

Susan is currently working with a local team to launch the Northern California Community Resilience Network, to support grassroots groups using permaculture principles to build citizen-led, localized, self-reliant and regenerative communities ready to withstand the shocks of climate change, economic instability and resource depletion with grace, joyfulness, compassion and integrity. The Network will serve as a hub that provides leadership development, communication tools, events, and project support to permaculture guilds, Transition Initiatives, and other community resilience groups and leaders working on small, but powerful projects like community gardens, Seed Swaps and Time Banks.

Over the next year, Susan and teammates will create a Regional Steering committee composed of members throughout Northern California. They will start by taking inventory of what’s happening around the region with groups and projects and will share stories and best practices by creating communication tools to honor and replicate the amazing projects happening in diverse communities. The committee will also organize the 2015 Building Resilient Communities Convergence in October and will help to support collaboration efforts and partnerships with allied resilience efforts like disaster preparedness groups.