Susan Silber, Nature’s Voices Project

From taking local Hmong children canoeing on California’s San Joaquin River, to introducing urban youth to hiking in Bay Area parks, environmental educator Susan Silber has spent more than 20 years witnessing nature’s powerful impact on young people.

“99.9 percent of the time these many and varied experiences had a positive effect on young people, many of which were life-changing. The outcomes were as varied as the experiences; some programs improved academic performances; others calmed students down through direct experiences into nature; others improved children’s health and reduced obesity rates,” she said. “After creating, coordinating and raising funds for these environmental education programs and others for more than two decades, I have become acutely aware that despite the immense and varied benefits that these programs give our youth, our schools, our communities and the planet, they remain underfunded and undervalued.”

Her initiative, Nature’s Voices Project, captures young people’s vision of a healthy planet and the impact of environmental programs through digital storytelling. The project gathers stories from students and then shares them with the world on the project’s website, as well as through media and other channels.

Funds from the Pollination Project will help with website design and server costs, as well as other expenses.

For more on the Nature’s Voices Project, visit their website.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  August 24, 2014