Support Solutions Homeless Services

Support Solutions Homeless Services – You’re Hired: From Pavement To Paycheck

Date grant awarded: 02/26/2018

Support Solutions is bringing a job prep program called “You’re Hired” to newly homeless people living in their vehicles in the city of Covina, CA. These “hidden homeless” individuals—still strong and capable—have not yet fallen into chronic homelessness, and can begin to get job interviews in as few as three weeks with the help of our one-on-one training and support. New hires receive the help they need to budget their income, regain housing, and enjoy being part of society again. This project aims to find people who are on the brink of losing it all and giving them the boost he once needed. Support Solutions’ network of compassionate volunteers and willing community partners give hope to Covina’s “hidden homeless” by guiding them along the path to self-sufficiency.