Solomon Amuzu, Call To Nature Permaculture

Solomon Amuzu is the founder and managing director of Call To Nature Permaculture, a Ghana-based non-profit that uses permaculture ethics and principles to promote community development.

Working together with Samuel Adotey, and Rachael Yussif, Solomon is helping communities throughout Accra and Aburi organize tree planting campaigns and plant sustainable vegetable gardens. Over the past year, Samuel, Rachael and Solomon have already planted more than 20,000 trees and started two school gardens in Accra.

Over the course of summer 2015, they will begin their third school outreach effort, helping staff and students at the Oyarifa Basic School establish a sustainable, organic garden. Through the project Samuel and Solomon will teach students how to grow their own food, build rainwater harvesting systems, and build fencing to protect their crops.

While the majority of the produce from the garden will be used to feed school children, a small amount of surplus will be sold to provide financial support for students hoping to pursue higher education.

For more information, please visit Call to Nature Permaculture on GoFundMe or Facebook.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 20, 2015