Solange - Her Voice Matters

Solange – Her Voice Matters

Date grant awarded: 10/04/2017

Reading at a young age has fundamental advantages for children, including critical brain and emotional development, increased self-confidence and self-awareness, and broadened perspective and tolerance. Books also prove to be a useful tool for empowering adolescent girls, particularly those from underprivileged families without female role models at home.

Unfortunately, Rwandan culture has traditionally been very apathetic towards reading; most students are never assigned a single book during their entire educational career. Never having had the opportunity to read while growing up herself, Solange Impanoyimana founded Her Voice Matters to provide at-risk girls a chance to enjoy the invaluable benefits of reading.

Based in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, Solange’s program will primarily use literature and weekly-facilitated discussions as a means to encourage adolescent girls to learn, question, dream, and open their eyes to the world and all it has to offer them.