Three smiling girls

Ska Sebata – Teaching Roots to Each Root

Teaching Roots to Each Root is a project addressing the absence of creative skill that is being passed down from generation to generation within the communities in rural Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Artist and creative entrepreneur, Ska Sebata, aims to help women learn how to make garments for themselves and for resale so that they are empowered and have a sustainable source of income, thus improving their livelihoods as well as those of their children. After holding several sewing workshops with young girls in the area, Ska found that mothers needed to learn the skill as they were never taught and in turn never taught their children, perpetuating the cycle of poverty. When women are empowered it causes a ripple effect where not only themselves are helped but also their families and the greater economy.

The seed grant will help facilitate a series of teaching workshops for 70 to 90 women from a cluster of 12 different villages who will in turn teach their girl children… Teaching roots so that they too can teach more roots.