Sitawa Wafula, my Mind, my Funk

Sitawa_WafulaSitawa Wafula has struggled through trauma-induced mental health issues and has been inspired to create the my mind, my funk project to bring awareness, support and education to this voiceless community in Nairobi, Kenya. This community mental health program will see participants through the process of telling their stories through writing therapy and digital storytelling trainings. The participants will learn about the signs, causes, myths, facts, prevention, care and human rights issues surrounding mental health challenges. The training itself is therapy for the participants encouraging them to speak out and connect with their communities in helping them understand the day-to-day lives of persons with mental health conditions.

“I believe in a positive African mental health narrative, because I am that narrative. I have a mental health condition, but it has not chained me.” says Sitawa. Through her poetry and blogging, she has been able to complete a mental health advocacy training, and has been personally challenged to help others. The ten-week program will cover awareness creation, advocacy, creating narratives, income generation and support systems.

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The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to provide the infrastructure needed to facilitate this training program. For more information on my mind, my funk check out Sitawa’s website and follow her on Twitter.