Stella Masamba

Shy Ali, Stella Masamba – Permacultural Environment Management Project

The Permacultural Environment Management Project in Malawi is co-created by Shy Ali and Stella Masamba to address effects of climate change resulting from deforestation and other human activities impacting on environment in the rural communities of T/A Chigaru, Blantyre. Economically speaking, the community survives on farming and cutting down of trees for charcoal, thus leading to environmental degradation.

The primary goal of this work is to help improve the local environment and offer continuous income generating activities to the disadvantaged household communities. The project established tree nurseries, offers community engagement opportunities in homestead vegetables and medicinal gardens, and addresses reforestation of the deforested lands and riverbanks for environmental conservation through the involvement of communities in implementing and monitoring project activities.

Ali’s passion for environmental conservation began when he realized that climate change was real, having experienced erratic rain patterns. In 2015, the catastrophic history of Malawi experienced floods that swept the entire township of Zingwangwa. It was this moment where Ali felt called to do sensitize and mobilize the community for reforestation exercises.