Shikaadabu Alliance Team – CBO – Usafi na Gumzo Mtaani (Enviroment Conservation and Dialogue)

Usafi na Gumzo Mtaani (Enviroment Conservation and Dialogue) project at Shikaadabu in Mombasa, Kenya uplifts community health and wellness by collecting household’s waste. Together they identify organic waste and recycle it into organic manure, which is then supplied to local farmers.

This project is being initiated due the outbreak of diseases in the community that are transmitted as a result of diseases as a result of environmental factors, such as malaria and dengue fever. Hussein Hassan Mwamtoa shares that having a clean environment free from infections is what motivates him and his team.

The grant will be able to support in purchasing safety equipment and tools, as well as supporting in the establishment of community dialogues around environmental issues.