Troop 64669 planting their Giving Garden

Shanna Gilberg, Troop Leader – Troop 64669 Community Giving Garden

Brownie Troop 64669 wanted to do something to help their local community of Millbury, Massachusetts. Building a community garden was the perfect way for the Troop to give back to their community by donating fresh, locally grown produce to the Millbury Senior Center Food Pantry. Working in the garden is teaching the girls all about good soil and water practices, composting and recycling, sustainability, gardening techniques such as companion planting and using specific plants to ward off insect pests while attracting helpful insects, and much more. The girls are enjoying getting their hands dirty and watching the fruits of their labor grow.

The Senior Center is excited about receiving fresh, locally grown produce to distribute to those in need. We are grateful for the support of the Pollination Project and our local sponsors for making our Giving Garden a reality.