See Beneath, Inc., Animation for Autism: Aiko & Egor

Currently, 1 in 88 children are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a 600% growth in the last two decades. A recent investigation suggests that despite parents reporting concerns to their physicians, children with ASD are not obtaining diagnoses as quickly as children with other disorders. Early intervention is critical for children with ASD and is linked to benefits for these children including more positive effects on growth and development. 

That data, as well as personal experiences and observations, inspired Gerin Gaskin, Jim Turner and Casey Hoffman to create See Beneath, Inc., a San Diego-based 501(C)(3) organization designed to engage and educate children with ASD by creating and offering innovative tools that foster positive change and help children reach developmental milestones. They are presently working on turning an animated series designed for children with ASD, Aiko & Egor, into an interactive application for smart phones and tablets.

This Animation For Autism: Aiko & Egor application is designed for a parent/teacher and child to watch together.  The overall goals of See Beneath, Inc., are to ensure that children receive access to intervention as early as possible, encourage autism awareness and acceptance, and to promote learning and social engagement in children with ASD and their families.

They hope to illustrate that all people with ASD can achieve great things, and everyone deserves support, 
high-quality care, and compassion. This grant will allow them to release their beta application to at least 100 parents and young children.

For more information about Animation for Autism: Aiko & Egor, visit their Website, Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 30, 2015