Saphichay – Kallpay Warmi

Saphichay is an indigenous right’s and cultural survival organization located in the central Andes of Peru. Kallpay Warmi is our annual indigenous festival, which is very unique in that its focus is on honoring and celebrating indigenous woman and our own indigenous identity. We celebrate and honor these themes in many different ways, including traditional ceremonies and rituals in order to conserve and revitalize these practices. We also hold three to four days of mural painting. Last year we painted the largest mural in Huancayo and this year we will be the first to have an all-woman artist mural team.

The mural reflects the communities we highlight, with the impact running deep and wide. Having images which reflect our communities is imperative to building healthy self-esteem and creating a culture of celebration of our diversity. Overall these types of creative cultural events and activities are engaging during and after the event making it long lasting in its impact. The festival was birthed out of a deep need to celebrate and honor our indigenous identity, knowledge, and practices. The grant will go directly to supporting the mural making part of our event.