Sandip Sankar Ghosh Mobilized (10)

Sandip S Ghosh – RETALIATION

Presently, India has entered stage 3 of the Coronavirus epidemic and the market is completely exhausted of hand sanitizer. The present project focuses on the capacity building among the marginal community to make their own WHO recommended hand sanitizer. The procedure is simple and requires minimum supervision after demonstration. Our plan of action includes training and capacity building of 2-3 marginalized youth per slum, provide them raw material for the hand sanitizer, and finally create a network in the slum by which the sanitizer can be distributed in each family. A pictorial recycled paper will be present with each sanitizer as user manual.

Environmental health has became one the core issue to tackle in near future for developing country. The practice of hygiene will not only keep the people safe during this time while also helping them to maintain healthy lifestyle during post-corona episode. I am grateful to The Pollination Project for their support in this mission.