Samantha Anne Maggio and Michael J. Vetere III, Suspended Belief Theatre

Samantha and Michael have long known the power of dramatic storytelling, and the magic of theater and puppetry for children. Together in 2013, they started Suspended Belief Theatre, a unique puppet and object-based theater company with the goal of furthering children’s imaginations, their social growth, and their independent and critical thinking.

Their premier production of Out on Our Own… The Story of the Three Little Pigs:  A Puppet Show was written to challenge the familiar children’s story, and to “educate young children on the value of hard work, dedication and commitment to learning.” As Samantha says, “We value these traits as components for a foundation of community, social awareness, and actively compassionate citizenship.”

Funds from the Pollination project will be used to help cover the production costs for the initial run of the show. To learn more about Suspended Belief Theatre, go to their website, twitter feed, instagram, facebook page, or google +

GRANT AWARD DATE:  June 17, 2014