Sam with Robo,reef,hands,maps

Sam Suchin – Hope3D

Sam Suchin is the creator of Hope3D, an organization that wishes to assemble a community of “makers” equipped with 3D printers to crowdsource various projects aimed to solve worldwide medical, environmental, and socioeconomic issues. After Sam experienced the myriad capabilities that home consumer 3D printing offered, he was inspired to utilize this technology towards benefiting society.

3D printing technology enables people to have their own personal factory within their home. By harnessing this ability, Hope3D can fabricate low cost, rapid, and effective solutions to substantial problems. This grant will allow Hope3D to become its own crowdsourcing platform website so people can participate in the various initiatives. The first project is to produce a massive crowdsourced artificial coral reef that will surmount the typical issues found with common artificial reefs that are submerged in the ocean.