Interview of SAAM EMMANUEL YUNJI by some of the media present during the celebration of the end of the first quarter of training.

Saam, Kingsly, Ibrahim, Pepouna, Abdou – Safe and Secure Taxis and Okadas in the City of Yaounde

Safe and Secure Taxis and Okadas in the City of Yaounde addresses the need of educating taxi drivers in the capital city of Cameroon. Saam Emmanuel Yunji works with three other individuals to help educate and support taxi drivers and bike riders, who are targeted as those contributing to the rising levels of theft, abuse, and unsafe households. Emmanuel and his team started this project because they want to expose the truth – that being a lack of education amongst these individuals. “People do not understand their environment and their environment does not understand them either, so there is complete mistrust.”

The research and pilot we performed confirmed our hypothesis that the drivers mentality is shaped by the forces and actors in his working environment. Funds from The Pollination Project will support with marketing and sensitization to create an awareness campaign about the need and goal of this program and its benefits for all along with obtaining outdoor projection equipment to reach large groups of people.