Directors of Green18: Kimberley Somerside, Rufus Sullivan, Joanna Burns (left to right).

Rufus Sullivan and Kimberley Somerside – Green Generation Project

The Green Generation Project, which works with the Scottish charity Green18, will visit primary schools across the 32 local authorities in Scotland. The project will be led by Rufus Sullivan, founder and director of Green18, with other Scottish environmentalists helping along the way.

Working to utilize the enthusiasm and creativity that the youngest generations have shown across the planet with the #FridaysForFuture protests, the Green Generation project will give primary school pupils a leading role in designing and implementing ways that their school can reduce its environmental impact. The concepts and ideas generated in the project will also feed their way into the lives of the pupils at home with the potential to influence the environmental impact of thousands of Scottish people. Throughout the day-long project pupils will learn about environmental issues that our planet faces before pupils agree on areas they want to target at school. The pupils’ ideas will be developed and implemented with the support of Green18 and the school even after the workshop day is over. All schools that receive the project will also be provided with follow up activities to be completed in class and more ideas to help reduce their environmental impact.

This project was inspired by the thousands of young people who have showed such dedication and enthusiasm for protecting the environment and the planet. Green18 works to encourage a bottom-up approach to climate change with individuals coming together to help protect the future. This generous grant from The Pollination Project will work in conjunction with funds raised through a crowdfunding campaign to complete designing the project, running a pilot project and creating the resources to be used at all schools which are visited.