Rose Mary Nakame, REMI East Africa - The Health Equity Voice

Rose Mary Nakame, REMI East Africa – The Health Equity Voice

Date grant awarded: 12/23/2017

In Uganda, negative media stories coupled with political leaders’ criticism of health workers has fueled public distrust, damaged the standing of the health profession and unknowingly raised the barriers to accessing quality healthcare.The Health Equity Voice is an initiative of Rose Mary Nakame, Executive Director of REMI East Africa to respond to this crisis.

The blog gives a voice to the silent rural health workers to tell their stories, present challenges, propose recommendations and in general paint a picture of the day-day life of a rural health worker to the public, opinion formers, policy makers and implementers. This will help in building empathetic leadership towards responsive healthcare programming, budgeting and policies. In addition, it will increase public understanding of challenges faced by rural health workers – thus restoring their pride and motivating them. Lastly, The health Equity Voice will provide insights for further research, innovation and entrepreneurship around public health.