Rosa Sanchez

Rosa Sanchez – NIÑOS FELICES

CESAPU Centro de Salud Publica, is a pioneering public health community center founded in Peru in 2016. Their mission is to develop in practice, together with the community, the determinants that allow for improvements in personal and communal health. The vision is being able to build healthy and sustainable communities. Among the offered community based programs, the TiNi (Tierra de niños) program teaches children about environmental awareness, planting things in the earth, and caring for the environment and all of Earth’s creatures. They also focus on non-violence.

The program Niños Felices is a social-emotional program that fosters positive behaviors, respectful relationships, self care, self awareness, and self esteem in children. The objective is to promote a culture of peace and to foster emotional and cognitive skills. Through strengthening their foundation, they hope the children will grow into adults with healthy emotional and social skills. The Pollination Project grant will support this work.