Ronald Kasule

Ronald Kasule and APEDIKA Members – APEDIKA Coffee Seedling Production for Livelihood Improvment

Ronald Kasule is the founder of the project, APEDIKA Coffee Seedling Production for Livelihood Improvement, located in Uganda. Employment is a fundamental element in ensuring that persons with disabilities (PWDs) are able to lead an independent and self-reliant life without over-dependence on other people’s help. Unfortunately, for PWDs, it is very challenging to obtain employment considering employers often doubt the working potential of PWDs. This is the reason why the Association of Persons with Disabilities in Kasangati Town Council (APEDIKA) in Uganda have initiated the Coffee Seedling Production Project, not only to improve the livelihoods of members, but to also demonstrate the working potential of PWDs as a strategy to positively impact the mindsets of potential employers.

The Pollination Project grant will help Ronald purchase certified coffee seeds, potting materials, organic manure, and farming equipment.