Renda Nazzal, The Argan Project

Renda_NazzalRenda Nazzal, along with Arlo Malmberg and Haley Blake, has partnered with a female-owned and operated cooperative in southwestern Morocco to bring their argan oil to market in the San Francisco Bay with The Argan Project.

Women in Morocco have been subjected to restrictive social norms that promote gender discrimination and violence, and with the skills learned in the support of a sustainable cooperative, they can begin to expand their opportunity base, and thus continue to create spaces for themselves in the local economy, a domain traditionally dominated by men.

“The best way to achieve common goals is to work with others” says Renda, “To make a difference in the lives of Moroccan women is to support a solution that they have already identified. From that shared conviction my partners and I have decided to expand market opportunities for argan oil cooperatives.” They will be marketing to chefs, bakers and conscientious shoppers. By bolstering their cooking with this nutritious oil, the consumers get to engage this community, hear their story and connect to the women of Morocco.

The funds from The Pollination Project’s Pay It Forward loan will be used to invest in the inventory and supplies needed to fulfill the initial orders. For more information follow The Argan Project on Facebook.