Delphine Azoh Cha Leke - Coping with Disability

Reachout Cameroon – Coping with Disabilities

Date grant awarded: 12/06/2017

Delphine Azoh Cha Leke is my name, and I am the presenter of a television program called Coping with Disabilities. Partners to this program include Reach Out Cameroon and Hi TV. This project is located in the South West Region of Cameroon. Coping with Disabilities is a television program that showcases the positive contributions of persons living with disabilities to their society and, by so doing, helps those who are still reticent towards being active agents of societal change. The program also tries to advocate for the rights and privileges of persons living with disabilities. It helps to bring these persons to the limelight, thereby putting smiles on the faces of persons with disabilities.

I was moved to come out with this project, because I saw the negative treatment of persons living with disabilities in my society. They are often considered to be an incapable and dependent group of people. In an effort to break this myth and change the status quo, I launched Coping with Disabilities. This program allows people to see some of the work and ideas brought forth by persons with disabilities, and the hope is that the community will start to better understand the capabilities of persons with disabilities. Also, others with disabilities who did not believe in themselves have started believing in themselves as they have seen what others with disabilities have done through Coping with Disabilities.