Rameshwar while teaching students of Cottage Schooll

Rameshwar Fundipalle & Amol Umbarje – Transforming the Cottage School into Digital School

Rameshwar Fundipalle’s project “Transforming the Cottage School into Digital School” is an initiative to educate and ensure quality education to children of small and poor farmers. The goals of this work include improving the quality of education, securing the future of the students, and increasing the reach of digitalization to those children who haven’t even seen computers or IT devices. This will lead to a significant impact on the current quality of education provided in the cottage school, an initiative taken by a dedicated and highly educated youth, serving for the betterment of the children of the underprivileged section.

The long term objective of the project is to alleviate poverty through the means of quality education through which a student can pull out his family from poverty by securing an economically sound position in society through quality education. Furthermore, handling and accessing computers and digital devices will boost the confidence and curiosity of the students. Apart from this, the digital classroom will help teachers to reduce their workload and will increase the participation of students in the teaching-learning method meaningfully.