Raghu Makwana, Tyaag Nu Tiffin (Food of Sacrifice)

Raghu Makwana, Tyaag Nu Tiffin (Food of Sacrifice)Raghu is a true compassion and kindness warrior.  His work operates on many levels- from the actual service he does in the slums of Ahmedabad, India to the deeper, heart-to-heart connections he is able to catalyze in people all over the world.

As a child of 6 months, Raghu lost the use of both his legs to the Polio virus and was dependent on his parents for a majority of his life in the village. To start supporting himself, he headed to the city of Ahmedabad at the age of 19, where various serendipitous incidents led him to meet the people at the Gramshree Trust for Women’s empowerment.  Working with the underprivileged women of the slums, Raghu came across several aged women living alone, battling life’s several challenges.

Now, through the Tyaag Nu Tiffin project, and with the support of Service Space, an international community of volunteers, every day Raghu visits a slum community in Ahmedabad to share lunch and dinner with fifteen old, disabled women who live alone and are unable to cook meals for themselves.  Raghu and the Service Space community have also developed an international circle of people who are connected to these women and to Raghu’s work through skipping meals occasionally or making other humble sacrifices as an offering and as a way to contribute to the spirit of the project.

Raghu explains, “Through interactions between these women and the people who support me, I hope to connect hearts from diverse backgrounds. By sharing small stories of love I intend to bring a transformation through compassion.  Through food, I have witnessed people from the richest localities in the world connecting with some of the most underprivileged women in the slums.”