honeybee hive

Rae Howell, Jilli Rose, Deacon Warner – Bee-Sharp Honeybee

Bee-Sharp Honeybee is an art-science-environmental impact project that shares the secret life of bees, featuring a live string orchestra, synchronized with an animated film, and a live honeybee hive, all of which are the subjects of a documentary film. Inspired by, and directly derived from extensive research of rhythm, pitch, and waggle dance patterns, Bee-Sharp Honeybee magnifies the subtle intricacies of the beehive; symphony-style!

It’s Rae, Jilli, and Deacon’s contribution to help promote bee culture, educate the public about the importance of bees to human survival, and inspire people to think local by planting pollinator friendly plants and keeping backyards pesticide-free. After all, small steps can lead to powerful changes.