Priyanka talking about her ideas as BAYA during kanthari TALKS 2018 in Bengaluru, India

Priyanka Singh – Self Empowerment Travel Program – BAYA (Be As You Are)

Priyanka Singh is the founder of BAYA (Be As You Are), an organization working to initiate self-empowerment in young Indian women so that they challenge their personal fears and societal norms in order to realize their own self, dreams, and aspirations. Baya is also a bird that symbolizes freedom and independence. Freedom, as Priyanka believes, is all about being who you are as a person. Through BAYA’s self-empowerment travel programs, women are taken out of their comfort zones and exposed to different geographies where they connect with themselves and other women. They are provided with the necessary leadership skills and life skills to boost their confidence levels.

They are educated about their bodies, sexualities, physical-emotional health, and their legal rights as women. Priyanka believes that by giving these young women the skills that they need to understand themselves and the world; they will be empowered to create change for the future. The programs provide safe spaces and support networks for these women where they can share their life experiences, express their dreams, and visualize their aspirations.