The complete made Chitetezo Mbaula stove

Patricia Luhanga – Chitetezo Mbaula Stove

Looking at the alarming rate at which forest degradation is undergoing in Hewe area of Rumphi, Malawi as a result of fuel wood, Patricia Luhanga was concerned that if nothing is done to counteract the situation, then future generations are at verge of paying for today’s “environmental sins”. She thus identified an innovative intervention of Chitetezo Mbaula stoves. The stoves use little fuel wood, which in the process reduce deforestation.

The project will be spearheaded by women because they are the primary people who use firewood. The project will empower women with skills of making Chitetezo Mbaula stoves so that they can use in their homes and sell to others thereby reducing deforestation and generating income. The Mbaula reduces the release of smoke thereby protecting women from respiratory problems that would arise due to exposure to smoke.