Elizabeth Onofre - You Can Be an Activist Too!

P.I.F.A. (Elizabeth, Rose, Lana, Shawn) – You Can Be an Activist Too!

PIFA stands for Political, Intersectional, Feminist, Activists. PIFA is a group started by 8th Graders Elizabeth Onofre, Rose Rezac, and Lana Gillman at Alexander Graham Bell School. Their goal is to educate the students and spread awareness about topics like gentrification, mental health stigmas, food deserts, and LGBTQ+ issues, etc, and then finding ways to actively help with these issues. The students believe the project not only serves those who are facing some of these issues, but also people who tend to shy away from activism because they aren’t that familiar. They want to encourage everyone around them to become activists and talk about what they feel strongly for. The founders started the project because they saw that many of their peers were interested in taking action on controversial issues that affected them as individuals. PIFA has spread awareness within their group and recently decided to open up who they spread awareness to by planning a conference to be held at their school. All in all, they want to provide inspiration, education, and inspire a community of strong people.