Olalekan Ayodele Sipasi - ProtectOzone

Olalekan Ayodele Sipasi, ProtectOzone

Date grant awarded: 4/4/2017

ProtectOzone was Co-founded by Sipasi Olalekan Ayodele and Olayanju Folasayo in Nigeria to mobilise citizen consciousness in protecting the ozone layer through trainings, advocacies, peer education, awareness raising, resources development, innovation and increase knowledge of civic responsibilities, thereby strengthening the capacity of young people to participate in combating climate change thereby contributing to SDG 13 on Climate Action and making more youth attracted to public service through promotion of civil internships and volunteering. ProtectOzone has since distributed over 25,500 tree-seeds, fruits and vegetable seeds, carried out diverse environmental friendly projects, established Demo Farms, and trained 4,030 children, youths, farmers and active citizens on sustainable agricultural practice.