Young girl fetching unsafe water for domestic use

Ogole Oscar & Angwec Conny – Construction of Protected Hand Dug Borehole

In Canomonanino Village, Northern Uganda, Ogole Oscar and Angwec Conny are constructing a hand dug borehole with the intent of increasing access to safe water and basic sanitation. The low level of water coverage in Bala Sub-County is seen from the suffering women and children who spend time outside of school finding and collecting water. Couple with the high prevalence of water born related illnesses, Oscar knew that something had to be done.

Construction of Protected Hand Dug Borehole seeks to mobilize stakeholders and the community, conduct WASH training sessions for community members who will them provide security and safety of the water source, carry out a hydro logical survey, procure equipments, and ultimately engage community members in digging the well and installing the pump. Quarterly review meetings will be held to check on the pump performance and implement any improvements. Additionally, for further community engagement, visits will be carried out by Bala Youth Forum and other stakeholders to identify gaps that can be locally fixed.