Mindfulness training for ex-street children living in rehabilitation center (Gikondo, Kigali)

Nzayisenga Emmanuel – Youth Mindfulness – Rwanda

Youth Mindfulness – Rwanda is an initiative led by Nzayisenga Emmanuel, aiming to provide youth with the skills and techniques to support their personal development and the practice of mindfulness. We provide services that focus in the future, bolstering permanent and long-term change in the lives and livelihoods of our beneficiaries and transform them into independent and self-reliant individual citizens for prosperity.

Although a lot of progress has been registered in various spheres, Rwanda is still recovering from the mass genocide that deeply shattered the people. From being lone survivors in their entire families and witnessing brutal murders of loved ones, to hiding in dark places for over 3 months and looking at the blood that was flowing their streets, many Rwandans were left with wounds and psychological trauma that left them with permanent mental distress. Hinged on such consequences, the effect appears to be affecting the younger generation, most of who never even witnessed the genocide, however through intergenerational trauma and various social issues, like gender based violence and drug abuse among others. Additionally, the unemployment rate in Rwanda is very high, resulting in young people not knowing how to occupy their time in a healthy and productive way. This makes it quite clear that there is a great need for a mindfulness program for youth, leading to a healthy and bright future of the country.

Nzayisenga Emmanuel and his team are devoted to deliver mindfulness programmes for children, adolescents, and young adults. “We believe that all young people have within themselves the capacity to be peaceful, kind, resilient and mindful, and that with the practice of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation, these strengths can be awaken.”