some inmates and the sample of their work while in detention

Nyuyki Keafoon Joan Mary – Strengthening Positive Youth Development of Juvenile Inmates

Date grant awarded: January 6, 2020

Our project – Strengthening Positive Youth Development of Juvenile Inmates – seeks to promote positive growth and address employment barriers faced by juvenile offenders and recidivism among juveniles in Bamenda Central Prison in Cameroon. I am a social worker and my greatest passion has always been to work with young people especially vulnerable and underprivileged, such as juveniles. Our project project involves training and supporting 30 juvenile inmates in weaving and beading for income generation as an alternative income generating activity.

The project also includes educational programs with the inmates. The grant will help facilitate the training program and purchase and donate training equipment to these juveniles and also help create a platform for creating job opportunities after release from detention.