Sankung Sagnia - Nyankui Women's vegetable garden project, The Gambia

Nyankui Women’s Association – Nyankui Women’s Vegetable Garden Project

The Nyankui Women’s Vegetable Garden Project is an economic empowerment initiative that will be conducted in Nyankui Village in the Upper River Region of the Gambia. The region continues to experience food insecurity and poverty, which greatly impacts women as they are unable to access resources. As a result, the Nyankui Women’s Association alongside the Village Development Committee and the Nyankui Development Association will carry out this work. The primary activity revolves around vegetable production that aims at generating income for the women while also contributing to food security, improved nutrition, and enhanced livelihoods for the community. The fact that vegetable gardening is often done by women and the Nyankui women are already involved in this activity through the village vegetable garden provides the foundation on which activities will be anchored and scaled up.

Funds from The Pollination Project will help in extending the surface area under cultivation, secure the extension rom domestic animals, demonstrate better vegetable production methods based on sustainable practices, and introduce value addition to improve the shelf life of certain perishable produce, fetch better prices, and improve market access.