Noura Sayah, the Flying Gardens of Tripoli

Noura Sayah has been involved in a number of developmental youth-led enterprises aimed at promoting social inclusion and community development amongst the most impoverished communities of Tripoli, Lebanon.

Recently, in conjunction with INJAZ Lebanon, Noura and her peers began a watershed project that will literally transform and enliven the city’s skyline.

Through her project, Flying Gardens, Noura and her team will collaborate with local residents to create sustainably developed gardens and youth cultural spaces on the rooftops of residential buildings in the Tabbaneh neighborhood of Tripoli, an area characterized by rampant poverty and high rates of youth unemployment, crime, and drug addiction. The project got adopted by a local community-based NGO in Tripoli, UTOPIA Organization, where they are providing logistical support to implement the project.

The gardens will provide residents with a sustainable source of fresh produce, while also offering youth a social space removed from the violent, drug riddled streets below. Noura and her team have already begun a pilot project test-garden, and throughout 2015 she aims to turn all of the building rooftops along Syria Street in Tabbaneh into green, vibrant social spaces.

Ultimately, Noura hopes that through the project she and her team can help foster a sense of belonging and community ownership for residents in order to encourage ongoing engagement with civic rights and responsibilities.

For more information on Noura’s project, please visit Flying Gardens’ Facebook page or website.