Norristown Community Gardens – Norristown Community Gardens

Ameika Malcolm has been working in the mental health advocacy field for the past nine years and is currently the Community Development and Integration Coordinator for HopeMarket, a subsidiary program of HopeWorx, Inc., a non-profit mental health advocacy organization for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. She is also the Social Committee co-Chair for the Montgomery County Community Support Program. Shortly after becoming a United States citizen – Malcolm is a native Jamaican – she went on to accomplish her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Human Services Management. In addition to her professional work, Malcolm is a mom to two teenage children, and an avid gardener who lovingly donates her time, energy and amazing attitude to help lead and manage the Norristown Community Gardens. She is an upbeat, fun loving woman who lights up every room she walks in.

The Norristown Community Gardens project is intended to help with community development and food security in terms of providing locally grown fresh produce, which is not always accessible to low income areas such as Norristown. The garden generates interest from people who have never gardened before and the members support each other by organizing cooking demonstrations around the produce that is in season.