The picture shows Njeke who is the founder of Agri-Life Association in one of his farms

Njeke Joshua and Agri-life Association – BONAVADA Women Community Maize Project

The repeated usage of chemical fertilizers and GMOs seedlings are severely harming the land and affecting the health of the tribal communities. With farmers not able to keep up with the high cost of synthetic fertilizers, they are currently facing poor harvest due to poor soils, difficulties in buying seedlings, food insecurity, and illnesses caused by synthetic chemicals. In trying to bring back tribes around Buea, the Southwest region of Cameroon to traditional agriculture practices, which would ensure food security as well as ecological sustainability, we have a vision to build model farms that focus on organic cultivation and to train tribal marginalized women in low cost organic farming practices, which they will later implement in their community farms and home gardens.

With funds from The Pollination Project, these marginalized women would have the opportunity to engage in organic farming workshops to protect the environment, save their lands, and to eat a well-balanced diet. They would be trained to sustain their farms organically and to generate income through farming to support their needs. These selected women would be awarded quality organic maize seedlings and modern farming tools after their training.