Nina Ackerberg - DEPTH

Nina Ackerberg and Joel Turner – DEPTH

The Individualized Education Plan (IEP) came into being to in 1990 to ensure that all children have access to an education. It’s clear the intent of the IEP is wonderful and important however it has evolved so that it isn’t working as the founders intended. The current IEP tends to pathologize, alienate, and confuse. Additionally, special-ed teacher turn over is at crisis levels with the teaching positions serving our most vulnerable students often left vacant. One of the reasons behind this is the impossible amounts of paperwork.

We propose to design a kinder, more user friendly IEP that is designed with children and families in mind. It will use a growth mindset approach and help facilitate meaningful participation and engagement. Our new IEP will also be more clear and efficient for teachers while remaining compliant with state and federal laws.