Ngweka Queen Asanji - practical demonstration of cardiac massage

Ngweka Queen Asanji – Every Second Counts

85% of the Cameroonian population particularly youths, parents and students are lacking skills related to basic First Aid and CPR. Ngweka Queen Asanji, founder of Happy Mother, Happy Child, has decided to start the Every Second Count project has a result to address this. The initiative aims to train and equip parents, youths, and students with these skills, which they can use to save lives in emergency situations rather than act as helpless bystanders.

The project seeks to reduce mortality rates from preventable causes in Cameroon, which are on the rise. Each individual that is trained in these skills help contribute to safer environments, homes, work places, and communities. In life threatening emergencies, quick actions such as opening a blocked airway, assisting with breathing, and applying direct pressure to a wound to stop bleeding can avoid deaths. The likelihood of an injured person living or dying depends on the timeliness of these lifesaving actions and survival rates are greatly increased if bystanders quickly begin implementing first aid measures.

Funds from The Pollination Project will help raise awareness, educate and train parents, youths and students, and equip participants with First Aid Kits, which they can use in emergency situations to sustain lives before professional medical help arrives.