Ngang Eric Ndeh Mboumien, Enhancing Community Food Security amidst Climate threats

Date grant awarded: 1/16/2017

90% of rural communities in Cameroon who depend on agriculture for their survival are not only victims of climate change. They have been able to use their local indigenous knowledge and practices (LIKPs) to excellently observe and interpret changes in atmosphere; water and land that have enabled them continuously produce much needed staple foods for household consumption amidst very challenging climate conditions. Harnessing, valuing and scaling up their LIKPs is an important contribution to improve understanding of the climate change phenomenon and to enable more rural communities in the world to cope with the unavoidable negative changes while the proposed high level and costly solutions take time to reach them. This grant will enable Ngang Eric Ndeh Mboumien to continuously socialize with the rural households in Bafut and Mankon in North West Cameroon to document the LIKPs used to produce staple food, through the creation of two on-farm local knowledge demonstration plots. It is anticipated that this shall go a long way to encourage involvement of more households and communities, thus increasing the number of people accessing healthy staple foods in a changing climate.