Nature Conservation Egypt (NCE) – Conservation Knowledge Hub

Raouf noticed that a zoology student interested in studying birds in Egypt has to personally contact Dr. Sherif Baha ElDin – the leading bird scholar – to coordinate for a home-visit to gain access to their impressive library, which has recent publications on birds alongside Arabic books on that same topic that date back to the 1960’s. What if such information was publicly accessible in a space where students from different disciplines, interests and research backgrounds can come together to talk and discuss Egypt’s biodiversity and its history of conservation? Raouf has been working in the conservation field for 10+ years and has known the key figures in the field personally. For the last few months, he has gotten the approval of many of them to donate books to the library – Conservation Knowledge Hub – and talked with one of the leading conservation groups in Egypt, Nature Conservation Egypt, to donate a space.

This grant will help build a hub for the nature conservation community in Egypt. It will equip a space to host environmentalists, community members, conservation supporters, students, activists, startups, and interested individuals on a regular basis to gather, exchange, and learn together about issues threatening Egypt’s magnificent biodiversity. With a community-centered design, this space can be at the center of conservation events, meetings, and collaborations and its library can pave the way to informed conservation efforts in Egypt.