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Nakitto Betty, Community Water and Sanitation Hygiene Project

Nakitto Betty is bringing clean water to Bbambula parish in Kikandwa Sub county of Mityana District in Uganda where less than 10 percent of the population in the parish has access to clean water and sanitation facilities are almost non-existent. In Kasejjere village, Nakitto and her co-leader, Seruzi Alexander, have coordinated efforts to construct a hand-dug well, as well as establishing water and sanitation committees, community health educators, plus health agents to manage the day to day operations of the well and the project. The impact grant will help upscale the community water and sanitation hygiene project to three villages around Kasejjere, to install an improved water delivery system and also a tree planting effort to help restore the degraded areas in the communities especially watershed catchment areas.


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2015 Impact Grant Award Winner