Najee Williams - Oakland Mind - a group of people in circle talking and sharing

Najee Amaranth, Jahniah Bahari – Oakland Mind

From Hip Hop to Tai Chi, Oakland Mind represents the people. Led by Jahniah Omi & Najee Amaranth they’ve hosted one of Oakland’s dopest freestyle cyphers, facilitated weekly Qi Gong sessions, held healing circles and acted as a platform for upcoming artists. Behind that are two talented artists, parents, social activists, and innovators. Dedicated to pushing positivity in Oakland.

Amaranth, artist and innovator, got his start in 2009 performing for colleges. In 2012 he started the group The Oakland Mind, one of the leaders in the bay area music scene. Through this group and his personal music, he was able to bring light to real-life issues such as human trafficking, the lack of resources in underprivileged communities, and mental health. The music he creates stays true to his hip hop roots while incorporating a strong message into the music without losing the power.