Mukamanzi Alphonsine, she is a widow and lives with two children ( a son and daughter) aged 10 and 7 years old. She is being trained in tailoring

Mporanyimigabo Gerard – Train and Support 10 Widows in Tailoring Business

Train and Support 10 Widows in Tailoring Business is a project taking place in Nduba and Rutunga, some of the rural areas of Kigali, Rwanda where Change Life Organization has the activities. Change Life Organization works to help the poorest and the most vulnerable people get out of the circle of poverty. Widows in these areas face different challenges in their lives due to unemployment and land scarcity and these lead to their families suffering from hunger and children not going to school on daily basis.

This project aims at supporting ten trained widows in tailoring business with ten tailoring machines that will help them to successfully operate their businesses. These widows will be empowered in tailoring skills and while making money they will be enabled to send their children to attend school and providing for their families and satisfying the basic needs of their children. This project will help these widows to plan for the future of their children and the children to envisage their future with confidence. These widows will continue to receive capacity building, they will be monitored, coached and encouraged as often as possible in order to make their tailoring business sustainable. We will continue to work hand in hand with the local community, community leaders, different churches leaders and as well as those beneficiaries to ensure those widows are getting out of poverty.