Talia Koylass - Bleeding Backwards

Motion/Pictures Dance Project – Bleeding Backwards

Motion/Pictures Dance Project is a production collective, founded by dance filmmaker Talia Koylass, that was created with the intention of telling stories in their most intimate form: through movement. Dance channels the experiences of the body and the emotions that come with it. When we speak through movement, understanding each other is inevitable. MPDP is not only dedicated to creating visual and visceral work for enjoyment, but specifically to amplify the voices of communities that are often overlooked or kept quiet. MPDP believes that art is a catalyst for change and works to use the tools of dance and filmmaking to not only critique our world, but to question it, celebrate it, and offer the tools to help make the world a better place.

Bleeding Backwards was born out of relevance and necessity. We are constantly bombarded with information about the injustices of police brutality and the prison system, but are rarely motivated or given the space to enact change. It’s tearing apart our communities and affecting more and more people in our lives first hand. As a Chicago-based collective powered by a majority of people of color, it would be remiss to ignore the rally cries of our people. Talia and MPDP strive to use their platforms as artists to show that dance film can not only connect us to each other, but can more importantly be used as a social justice platform.

You can learn more about MPDP by visiting their website (www.mp-dp.com) or following them on Instagram and Facebook @motionpicturesdance. If you’d like to support and stay updated on Bleeding Backwards, you can donate and follow them via their Seed and Spark Campaign (www.seedandspark.com/fund/bleedingbackwards)