Monika Požek, Festival MeetShareDance

Monika Požek has been a dancer for most of her life. After working with differently-abled dancers in Argentina, she saw the unique opportunities for movement and expression that wheelchairs can provide. Unfortunately, she also recognized that there are many people interested in dance and movement who are excluded from classes and performance.

In a continuing effort to promote dance and artistic expression to everyone regardless of their abilities, Monika is organizing MeetShareDance, an international mixed ability festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia. MeetShareDance is a 4-day international dance festival that aims to create an international dance network for individuals or groups who are working with dance and disability. By creating a festival which will allow the participants to meet and share experiences, she is working to establish a strong dance network with possible future collaborations, international exchanges, as well as to engage the local community and to show that being different is enriching the society.

“With the festival I want to show the possibilities to be a dancer no matter what abilities or disabilities a person has and there are more and more people with disabilities who want to have an active life and artistic fulfillment.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 12, 2014