Milestones Learning Center – Mukuru – Milestones Learning Center

Milestones Learning Center – Mukuru is a community based organization in Mukuru Kayaba, one of Nairobi’s largest slum areas that comprise of people living below the poverty line. Founded by Selvine B Nyabuti, the team leader is very passionate about education and the general well being of children especially those who have limited opportunities. The organization was started to provide underprivileged children with quality education at a foundational level by the use of technology (e-learning) and social skills such as art and music. The children living in this environment have very limited resources and technology is a very important aspect in our daily lives. The project’s goal is to help children who can’t afford private tutoring to learn the use of computers and other social skills. Milestones Learning Center – Mukuru will also focus on the older children by offering them a platform to express themselves, talk about their challenges, and teach them about the dangers of HIV/AIDS, the consequences of premarital sex, and how to cope with societal pressures.

With the help of TPP, two classes for the children will be constructed, which we are so thankful for.