Michelle Welsch, Bringing Light to Matepani: Solar Project

After volunteering in a monastic school in Western Nepal, Michelle Welsch became an ally to the students there and looked for ways to encourage their education and development. Her current project sponsors a hybrid solar system to equip classrooms and common areas with reliable electricity.

Michelle consulted a number of Nepali and American engineers who designed a model that will use the existing grid and PV solar cells to provide power for up to two days of blackout. Money saved on energy bills, generator rentals, candles and flashlights can then be redirected towards school supplies. Alongside community leaders and forward-thinking monastic elders, a local team will spearhead this environmentally friendly and sustainable project. Michelle’s intent and passion is clear as she seeks to promote “education and leadership within the Matepani community.”

The Pollination Project grant will be used to help fund the construction of the solar system. For more information about Michelle’s work in Nepal, visit Michelle’s website.