Mary-Justine Todd, Women’s Crisis Care International (WCCI)

For almost 10 years Mary-Justine Todd has worked throughout the world as an advocate and champion for women’s rights and women’s health. Women’s Crisis Care International (WCCI), founded in the USA in 2013, operates primarily throughout the Arabian Gulf as one of the first traditional rape crisis centers in the entire Gulf region and much of the Arab world.

Mary-Justine believes, “helping women to recover from domestic or sexual violence, one by one, assists in promoting overall health and happiness around the world.” WCCI offers “sensitivity training” for schools, religious groups, community organizations, clinics and hospitals. “Just as many women throughout the Arab world are veiled, so too is violence against women”  said Mary-Justine.

WCCI also provides development and implementation of in-house hospital/clinic formal violence crisis response programs and seeks to open a medium and long term counseling center for survivors of violence. “While continuously promoting education and awareness toward women’s rights and safety, we seek to help survivors of violence go from crisis to calm, together.”

Funds from the Pollination Project will be used towards educational and marketing supplies.

To learn more about Women’s Crisis Care International visit their website, Facebook page and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 14, 2014